Slide made for local council

We were commissioned to create a new slide for a local park. We had to produce it in pieces and then construct it on site. As you can see we needed some man power to get this project finished!

10384201_572733782846348_1113491301613138248_n 10444563_572733812846345_1378161147375725706_n 10474034_572735022846224_3261479389985404960_n 10441100_572734959512897_4878755578841766666_n 10356214_572735106179549_6424024478903481423_n 10353361_572734849512908_839456368501957363_o 10293558_572734756179584_2028568729888685648_o 10431167_572734799512913_6397102099080007968_o


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